Happy Client

“Leanne understands how debilitating living with Melasma is. For years I have lived with feeling the only way I would be accepted was to cover my face with what I named ‘fake up’.  I would avoid anything where I couldn’t remain hidden beneath make up. Things like swimming, staying over at friends, exercising, dating became things that I could no longer enjoy.

Leanne went to every length to work out the best method available to not only remove the pigmentation but also make sure this was a treatment that latest long term unlike laser.  Her empathy and 30 years experience made me comfortable and I trusted her.
My life has now changed thanks to Leanne and for the first time in years, I feel I can get up and look at someone in the eye without rushing off to the bathroom to cover up. Thanks Leanne for your dedication and understanding for my situation, you have seriously changed my life.”


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